6 essential things to boost your wellbeing

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The path to a life well lived is by no means straightforward, but the greatest advice is still to “get as much out of life as you can”. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 6 things essential to help you live a little healthier, happier and more sustainable.

Whilst we don’t believe that archetypes should define us, for the purpose of this article, we felt it necessary – claim your title proudly and make it your own!  

coldpressed juice raw plant based wellbeing boost health healthy juices vegan mindful fitness fit exercise gym energy

The Fitness fanatic 

The juice for you? Try a California Dreaming to optimize your workout. Made from raw pressed cashews, it’s packed with protein and raw energy. A great pre- or post-workout supplement.

Don’t leave the house without a GPS activity tracker (or Fitbit). It’s a running watch and daily fitness tracker that helps you plan goals, track training and finds your way back from a long run!

Great read for you? The ‘I quit sugar cookbook: 306 recipes for a clean, healthy life’, by Sarah Wilson.

Try this app: Charity Miles is a fitness-tracking app that gives purpose to your exercise. You can earn money for charities with every run, walk or cycle!

Hungry? Eat here: Snckbr, a modern twist on the ‘snack bar’. Serving meals you crave in a healthier way with sustainable ingredients. Open from breakfast till late in de Pijp and on the Kinkerstraat.

Treat yourself: A Massage. Atelier Rebalance specializes in massage therapy as a holistic approach to cleansing, balancing and re-energizing. Head masseuse Cammy offers a range of therapies from Ayurvedic, Thai, trigger point, sport, relaxation massages and lifestyle coaching.

 coldpressed juice raw plant based wellbeing boost health healthy juices vegan mindful yoga peace balance meditation yoga mat

The urban hippie

The juice for you? Try an Indie Spice. Grounded in flavorful spices and roots, this cold-pressed juice compliments yoga and meditation, as it’s packed with superfoods that are healing and anti-oxidizing.

Don’t leave the house without your ultra light yoga mat. Dutch-based OhMat has created bright colorful made from organic and sustainable materials. Each mat is patterned with a unique graphic design.

Great read for you? ‘The Urban Homestead’ by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen. Your guide to self-sufficient living in the heart of the city.

Try this app: Down Dog, a new app that creates a new vinyasa sequence for you every time you practice at home, so that no two practices are the same. Ideal if you like to try your hand at new poses. You set the level and time you want to practice. It’s free too! 

Hungry? Eat here: Café de Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord is an urban oasis, sustainable and geared to regeneration. It’s a creative space and café that grows produce in their urban and floating gardens, collaborate with other environmental initiatives and offer a great vegetarian menu. And It’s a great swimming spot in the summer!

Treat yourself: miss the sun and crave going for a surf? Treat yourself to Flowboarding! Indoor surfing on a high-pressure wave located just outside of Amsterdam.  

 coldpressed juice raw plant based wellbeing boost health juices business businessman travel briefcase office

The tech-savvy business traveler

The juice for you? Try our Heart Beet juice to facilitate a life on the go. Packed with flavor and nutrients to increase circulation, mental clarity, and immunity. It is a great solution to combat jetlag and fatigue.

Don’t leave the house without a functional and stylish bag as the ultimate travel companion. Travelteq's classic handmade Italian leather briefcase is smart on the inside to secure your tech when traveling. 

Great read for you? The Atlas Obscura curates of 700 obscure and wonderful places, perfect to discover something off the beaten path between meetings on your next business trip.

Try this app: Concur is an app that automates your travel, expenses, and business management. It trumps other apps with its expense management tools and its ability to sync with your office when traveling. 

Hungry? Eat here: De Plantage is an elegant conservatory restaurant café located in the Artis. The atmosphere and menu are both classic and contemporary. The ideal place for a business lunch or a romantic dinner.

Treat yourself: to a traditional cut and shave at one of the classic barber shops in Amsterdam. A warm wet towel, old-school shaving blade and skilled barbers, some of the shops feature great coffee/brunch concepts or a whiskey bar. 

 coldpressed juice raw plant based wellbeing boost health healthy juices vegan mindful woman modern empowered

The empowered modern woman

The juice for you? Try a Paleo Heaven to maintain inner beauty and outer balance. This sweet-savory juice promotes skin, hair and nail health and boosts immunity.

Don’t leave the house without a great pair of earphones. The perfect gadget for when you’re jogging or at the gym, for listening to podcasts on your commute and music to keep you energized at work.

Great read for you? 'Lean in: Women, Work and the Will to lead' by Sheryl Sandberg. Facebook’s Chief Operating office explores why women often hold themselves back at work, an inspiring read for anyone with ambition.

Try this app: Headspace is an incredible app for meditation made easy. It shifts perception on meditation, they’ve coined it the gym membership for your mind.

Hungry? Try this restaurant: FC Hyena is a brand new art-house cinema and petit restaurant in Noord. The apple of any movie lovers’ eye. The chairs are sofas and the restaurant serves an incredible seasonal menu with natural wines.

Treat yourself to an immersive yoga workshop, allow yourself to discover more about yogic philosophy and your own mind and body. Delight offer numerous workshops, such as the Yin Yoga Immersion. 

 coldpressed juice raw plant based wellbeing boost health healthy juices vegan mindful mom mother hero fatigue mum

The hero mom

The juice for you? Try the aptly named Mom’s Recipe. It's a winning combination of flavor and goodness. The yellow beets combat fatigue and increase energy. The orange boosts immunity.

Don’t leave the house without a multi-functional stylish backpack. With a busy schedule, a multi-functioning bag can take you from work to the gym and hold all those essentials for your kids as a mom, when cycling or on the go.

Great read for you? 'Difficult Women', this collection of short stories by acclaimed novelist Maxine Gay is the perfect way to take time out for yourself and read amongst a busy schedule. Each story is complex, gripping and different.

Try this app: Cozi is an organizing app for families that keeps everyone’s schedules and lists in one place. Its features let multiple family members manage appointments, scheduled, to-do-lists and more.

Hungry? Eat here: Viscafe de Gouden Hoek has a laid back cozy atmosphere that is both family friendly and a great spot for a night with the girls. Serves up classic and contemporary fish dishes using bycatch (bijvangst), the unwanted fish caught in commercial fishing, meaning the menu changes often with interesting daily specials. 

Treat yourself to the Yellow Pepper You 6-week program designed to combat postnatal depletion and fatigue. The personalized program offers strategies for sustainable health and energy, consultations, a cleanse, dinner recipes, grocery lists and sleep advice. If you’re tired of being tired, this program’s for you.


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