Clean cold-pressed Christmas cocktails


The Holidays are a time of giving… giving in to those festive indulgences. Let’s face it; we’d have to be Superman to resist the temptations laid before us during the Holidays. Even then, I think Superman would be hard pressed to refuse a sweet warming glass of mulled wine. So, for us lowly humans who just want to have a little healthy fun, we’ve put together cocktail recipes combining our cold-pressed juices with alcohol for clean, guilt free deliciousness. Hallelujah.

Join us this Thursday too, as we're hosting our very first cold-pressed cocktail event at our juice bar; we'll be serving these cocktails TrueStory signature drinks. 


Bailey’s Dream

This decadent, creamy and sweet concoction is so much more ‘nice’ than ‘naughty’ and is the perfect digestivo. The Irish cream liqueur brings out the nutty cinnamon in our California Dreaming cold-pressed cashew nut milk.



50 ml Baileys                                                                                               

70ml California Dreaming




Simply fill a short rocks glass with ice, add the Baileys and California Dreaming nut milk, stir gentle and sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon.

 baileys cashew nut milk california dreaming trueStory cold pressed juice 

Sweet Surrender G&T

This gin and tonic variation is light and refreshing with lemon and mint notes. The botanicals in Hendricks gin are brought out and perfectly matched with the subtle flavors of fennel and parsley in our Sweet Surrender level 1 green juice.



40ml Hendricks gin

120ml TrueStory Sweet Surrender cold-pressed juice

Dash of lemon

Dash of (Indian) tonic

Mint leaves



Gently muddle the mint leaves, with a dash of lemon and gin in a highball glass. Fill the glass with ice, add the cold-pressed juice and stir to lift the mint from the bottom of the glass. Top with a little tonic

Clean cold pressed juice cocktails Truestory Amsterdam healthy detox market 33   

Feliz Navidad

Mezcal is the smoky and sophisticated big brother of tequila from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Pairing it with our sweet and earthy Mom’s recipe cold-pressed juice creates a delicious fresh zesty cocktail with a smoky edge.



40ml Ilegal Mezcal

120ml Mom’s Recipe

Lime wheel



Simply fill a rocks glass with ice, add the mezcal and Mom’s Recipe and stir. Garnish with a lime wheel; squeeze it in for an extra zing.

 Feliz navidad Mom's recipe cold pressed juice cocktail mezcal healthy truestory amsterdam

See you Thursday to really get into the spirit of the season at our cold-pressed cocktail event.

Where: TrueStory Juice Bar, Market 33

When: Thursday 15th December 17:00 - 21:00

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