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Feeling stressed? Lost one too many brain cells from all having those (delicious) craft beers and natural wines? Thankfully, it's the perfect season to reacquaint yourself with the delightfully ruby-red vegetable, the humble beetroot. This taproot, packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, is directly linked to protective and restorative abilities for the brain, easing stress and detoxifying the body.


The Power Of Purple

Research studies have shown that there are health benefits to eating purple-pigmented food regularly. Beetroots and blueberries in particular a packed with antioxidants, chiefly Anthocyanins, which have a positive effect on brain cells that control memory, learning and disease prevention. Beetroots also help lower blood pressure. So relax, drink purple.

It’s not only the brain that benefits. The Dutch Olympic rowing team each drink a beet juice before every work out! They lovingly refer to it as the ‘athletes drug’. Phew, feel that beet!


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Men’s Health

November, or Movember as it’s famously become, is the month for promoting men’s health, specifically in cancer prevention and health awareness. Here at Truestory, we’ve been focusing in all month on beetroot health benefits for men with our ‘Heart Beet’ cold pressed juice, packed with the goodness from this purple veggie.  

Did you know, that beets contain more iron than spinach? Iron, manganese and antioxidants are champions at restoring and blood cells to fight fatigue and boost metabolism to get the best out of a gym workout. Which means drinking a 250ml of beetroot juice before exercise can boost energy ready to ‘pump iron’ (literally).


Bye Bye Hangover

Most diseases are rooted in inflammation. Thankfully, beetroots are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and a unique source for a lesser-known phytonutrient called betaine, that prevents inflammation and detoxifies the body- especially the liver; so a very handy hangover helper. Oh, and betaine has another superpower- it aids in relieving stress and causes a positive influence on mental state. Hallelujah.


Superwoman, Super Beet

Don’t worry ladies, the beet is great for us too! A raw beetroot is one of the best sources for folates (27%), a vital b-vitamin source for pregnant women, as it influences cell and tissue growth in the developing baby. Beets are also rich in vitamin c; it’s the leaves though that has the most vitamins and calcium- perfect addition to an autumn salad!

Raw Power

The fact the iconic deep purple color doesn’t dissipate when cooked, means beetroots stay packed with nutrients. However, to really get the goodness from beetroots, processes like cold-pressed juicing and eating them raw are the most nutrient efficient.  

For a little bulbous root vegetable, it sure does pack a punch in our cleanse level 1!






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