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Some may long for those simple days past of having milk delivered every morning to your doorstep by a milkman; when milk was synonymous with mooing. Whilst yesteryear is a grand old time, we at TrueStory can’t help but get excited by the plethora of delicious dairy-free milk alternatives.

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The joys of choice 

Our motto? Have a little of everything for balance and sustainability, as over popularity of any one thing can have a greater impact on the environment than we think. The popularity of soy in the west, for example, lead to the crop being vastly genetically modified to keep up with the demand to bulk up things like animal feed and supermarket products where you wouldn’t expect to find soy at all…canned tuna?! Trouble is, the big conglomerates have become experts at pesky labelling and misguided ad campaigns. This can make it hard to find the whole truth of where and what are in our products as the we strive to be the happiest, healthiest versions of ourselves.

With this in mind and knowing how enjoyable a little variety is, there’s oat, rice, kaffir, almond, soy, hemp, flax and coconut milks to keep us milk-satisfied. Each having their own distinct flavor and nutritional values. Like to kick it old school with diary milk too sometimes? That has the benefit of being rich in calcium and Vitamin D. We have been experimenting with our favorite milk right now, cold-pressed cashew nut milk.


Cashew: perfectly balanced

The cashew is perfectly balanced in good fats and dietary fiber unlike other nuts, and so cashew is great for maintaining a healthy metabolism, aiding digestion and acting as an ant inflammatory. Cashews are also high in magnesium, which is vital for good blood flow and it's high in copper, which promotes healing.

Did you know that most headaches are caused by restricted blood flow or unwanted muscle contraction? Magnesium counter acts it by helping blood flow and easing pressure.


Wait not a nut?!

Surprise! A cashew is actually a kidney shaped fruit called a Drupe that grows from the cashew tree in tropical climates. Not only is it not technically a nut, it’s also not very good for us when raw, in fact poisonous. Thankfully all cashews are treated or roasted in a way to remove the toxins from the outer layers, making them super safe to eat and use in things like cashew milk! So even if labeled as ‘raw’, it means they've been steamed just enough to keep the good nutrients and remove toxins. Don’t panic, cold-pressed cashew milk is still classified as raw. Phew.

Got Milk?

With its distinctly rich creamy taste, cashew milk lends itself to pairing really well with other flavors. Cinnamon and cashew? (California) Dreamy. Matcha and Cashew? A powerful energizing taste of awesome. Turmeric, coconut, nutmeg, cracked black pepper and cashew in our latest ‘Golden milk’? Heaven.

With sustainability in mind, we’re launching the brand new Matcha Milk and Golden Milk exclusively at the juice bar at Market 33 and each will be made to order. So go nuts with plant based milk.



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