How hot yoga compliments a cleanse


Eliminate toxins, run more efficiently and feel great. This is what we aim for. Detoxing with a cold-pressed juice cleanse does just that. By simplifying the intake to pure nourishment in the form of vegetable-centric juices, the body cleanses itself, toxins are removed, the digestive system gets a rest and it has clarifying mental benefits.

It’s a great gift to give your body; a brief pause and a good spring clean. As you detox during a cleanse, toxins, waste and built up stress are removed through the digestive track and bowels, through breath and through the skin. As the largest organ in our body, a huge amount of toxins can be gotten rid of via the skin's surface, namely through sweat.


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Perspire and prosper

Yoga, in essence, is all about breath and movement (asanas) working together for cleansing effect on the body and mind. During a cold-pressed juice cleanse, yoga has a hugely complimentary effect. Breath is energizing and cleansing; there are many postures that are brilliant at naturally stimulating a detoxifying effect on the digestive system and deep muscle tissue.

Postures like forward folding and deep twists massage internal organs. Gentler supine postures can aid cleansing in a more restorative way, but allowing space and releasing tension in the digestive system and vital organs like the liver and spleen.

By exercising you stimulate blood flow, which helps your body along with the cleansing process. As does sweat. Perspiring boosts the removal of toxins through your skin. So by practicing hot yoga, you’re simultaneously stimulating internal cleaning as you move through different postures and sweat out toxins and waste. It acts as a sort of purifying re-energizer.

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Relax! Take it easy

There is a tendency with hot yoga for an intense and powerful practice – the heat makes us feel strong and flexible. However, during a juice cleanse you are working on a refined intake of nourishment, so the key is to be gentle and kind with yourself! By all means sweat, but practice consciously.

The aim of the game is for the cleanse and yoga combination to be restorative, not over exhaustion! We can’t stress enough the importance of mindful practice and hydration.

Practice consciously and enjoy the journey


We're proud of our collaborations with like-minded companies; we all share the want to create a sustainable ecosystem of conscious health. You can find out more about hot yoga with Absolute here.

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