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The anti oxidizing and calming benefits of Matcha have generated quite the buzz in the health conscious community and we’re all for it! With its distinctive green color, Zen centered history and bittersweet vegetal taste, it’s become a favorite here at TrueStory. With its many health benefits, we're excited to announce the launch of our Matcha flavored cashew milk exclusively at the bar this month. 

Matcha Milk

抹茶: Power Powder

Matcha literally means ‘powdered tea’, from the tencha plant and has been drunk for its therapeutic and energizing properties by Zen Buddhists for centuries to benefit meditation and wellbeing. Zen Buddhism, along with its matcha rituals, were brought to Japan in the early 13th century by a monk name Eisai. He actually wrote a book entitled ‘Tea Good For Health’ (Kissa Yōjōki), where he declares that tea is the definitive natural cure to “remedy all disorders”. Phew, that’s no small undertaking for Matcha.

The leaves are shade-harvested, which boosts chlorophyll and flavor. The hand selected leaves are then dried and aged- not dissimilar to wine or whisky- to mature the taste. The leaves are then stone ground to form that bright green nutrient power-powder, that’s traditionally whisked with bamboo. 


茶筅 | Why the whisk?

The iconic little bloom-whisk has over one hundred strands and is made from a single piece of bamboo. Known as a ‘Chasen’, it's an intrinsic element to the meditative and spiritual nature of drinking matcha. In preparation, the hand moves the whisk in patterns to froth and de-lump the powder, comparable to say the easefulness of the mind when coloring or doodling.


Chasen whisk


健康 | Tea Good For Health

A single cup of matcha tea packs almost ten times the nutrients of regular green tea. It’s full to the brim with antioxidants, namely the cancer-fighting catechin EGCg, which helps the body fight against disease and maintain radiant looking skin. The chlorophyll is an energy booster as well as powerful detoxifier. 

So many of the minerals and nutrients in matcha promote over all health; it contains vitamins, potassium, lowers blood pressure and increases metabolic rates too. It’s a pure natural source of calming energy. Perfect.  


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