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There is a big difference between fasting and cleansing. At TrueStory, we believe strongly in flooding your body with healthy nutrients and minerals, not restricting its nourishment by fasting. It’s true the body heals and cleanses itself; we look to cleansing as a way of pausing, and boosting our body’s efficiency.

There is a powerful detoxing that happens through a nutrient centered juice cleanse, it can be a way to restore balance both in the body and psychologically, whilst still nourishing your body and inciting healthier long-term choices.

Though the Master Cleanse can be seen as extreme or lacking credibility, it’s popularity and iconic stature mean that it’s not called the Master Cleanse for nothing. As one of the first juice cleanses, looking a little at its history helps us make informed health choices.


Mr. Master Cleanse himself

Developed in the 1940’s by Stanley Burroughs, one of the first advocates for natural healing in the west, it quickly gained intrigue because of its vigorous approach to tackling persistent health problems and diseases. He believed strongly in other alternative health therapies too, like deep tissue massage, light therapy, and reflexology.

Burroughs was adamant that the Master Cleanse did wonders for some chronic illness, like stomach ulcers. It still holds popularity today and so has stood the test of time, but it’s still widely criticized. Largely because of it’s unsustainable nature, and that there have been such incredible developments in the field of natural health since the 40’s.

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 When life gives you lemons…

The Master Cleanse consists of fasting on ‘lemonade diet’ of water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper throughout the day. Burroughs purports it should be a (minimum!) 10 day fast to help eliminate toxins and congestion in the body. The rules are that you can drink as much of this lemonade and water as you like, as well as drinking diuretic tea (before bed) and a salt-water solution (in the morning) to literally flush the system.

Whilst this is an extreme fasting with both supporters and critics, it’s interesting to look at the detoxifying elements to ingredients of Burroughs ‘lemonade’:

Lemons are a powerful cleansing agent, alkaline and high in citric acid. All these elements help both the production of digestive juices and aids digestion itself. Lemons are full of healing minerals and vitamins like potassium (more than bananas!) vitamins C, B6, A & E, iron, zinc, niacin, copper, and magnesium!

Cayenne Pepper also benefits digestion as well as helping circulation and works well in conjunction with lemons as a detoxifier.

Maple Syrup, whilst containing minerals like manganese and zinc, is part of the Master Cleanse primarily to provide calories and flavor so that people can remain on the Master Cleanse for so many days.

Water forms the majority of the drink. With no calories, or toxins with works to hydrate and flush out the system.

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Why is the Naked juice part of the TrueStory Juice cleanse?

Soulful nutrients, minerals, and protein are abundant in our vegetable heavy juices, which never contain more than 5% fruit. This is to keep (natural) sugar content low and flavor to the fullest.

Our TrueStory cleanses aim to combine healthy nutrients, protein rich nut milk and detoxifying juices in a balanced way. That’s why each of our cleanses (level 1,2 & 3) contain a Naked juice (lemon, raw honey, cayenne and filtered water). It creates balance in the cleanse, and yet adds a powerful detoxifying element.


Sustainable health

We at TrueStory believe whole-heartedly in the difference between ‘fasting’ and cleansing. We don’t encourage starving one's self to reach a short-term weight loss goals, on the contrary! We believe in flooding the body with nutrients and minerals for a refined cleansing effect on the body and help toward making sustainable healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Our mission is to always make health and wellness an easy and sustainable lifestyle choice.

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