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Stress is the largest occupational hazard in the Netherlands, with 1 in every 6 people aged 25-35 suffering from burnout caused by stress. It's now measured as a medical diagnosis. That’s affecting over a million Dutch people and more than 6 million days of absenteeism each year, costing over €2.2 billion in productivity loss and absence, according to insurer Zilveren Kruis.

Sadly, 45% of employees dare not reveal the true extent of stress they feel, due to stigma, the work culture and pressure to maintain a good evaluation; the number of burnout-related absence from work has risen 8 times higher in the last five years

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What to do? Being productive and efficient at work is paramount for many of us- there are deadlines, meetings, presentations, targets and so on so that we maintain our position and therefore our income. But this shouldn't mean a compromise on our health and wellbeing.

Although one lucky building in Amsterdam is pioneering the concept of ‘healing offices’, most of us don’t have access to new the fandangled tech that works to inconspicuously smart-heal and re-charge (literally! They have a table that charges your phone when it’s laying on it and apps that allow employees to adjust the light and temperature to suit them). “The main work-related causes of stress”, stated Zilerven Kruis however, “is the workload and social relations”, not the environment. So, to best equip ourselves to deal with work stress, we should fuel our body mindfully and treat it kindly.

We are what we eat

We can remind ourselves just how directly diet impacts our cognitive performance and provide easy access to healthy options. There is very a strong and immediate connection between what we eat/drink and how we perform at work. A study by Brigham Young University showed that those with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to be less productive at work.

So, with everything we eat or drink being converted into energy, a few simple changes can fuel our bodies with the right stuff.

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Smart fast food

A fast food option at lunch might make us feel efficient in terms of time, but that choice can have the opposite effect. Sluggishness or tiredness is common as your body digests carbohydrates like pasta and bread, or experiencing a burst of energy followed by a slump. Higher fat foods say a cheeseburger and fries, offer more sustained energy but cause grogginess as our system has to work hard to process it – more oxygen to our belly, less to our brain.


The key then is to have healthy options in abundance. Your office pantry filled with healthier snacks, your fridge stocked with cold-pressed juice for a quick sustainable nutrient kick, fill the fruit bowl on a Monday – an array of fruit in your eye line is alluring - and hey, why not an assortment of nuts and dried fruit in jars on your desk. It’s not about resisting temptation but making good choices the easiest ones at your disposal.

Spikes or drops in blood sugar kill productivity and is bad for the brain. Snacking or eating little and often throughout the day works to maintain glucose levels, giving you more sustained energy at the office as well as keeping metabolic rates constant too.

"No one is able to remain at full speed whole day. When we're tired, the typical approach is to grab an unhealthy snack for a sugar rush, but I prefer the better choice for the longer run - TrueStory juices. They have everything I need: additional concentration, overall strength, and immunity." Peter Post, Buybuy

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Vegetables make you happy

The temptation is there to reach for a ‘quick fix’ if hunger strikes before a meeting or you want something to perk you up mid afternoon. Rather than something like chocolate, snacking on whole clean foods like raw vegetables, in natural of cold-pressed form, offer a transformative kind of energy boost that lasts longer than a sugar rush. A diet low in sugar is a powerful tool to boost performance.

It’s not only reducing sugar, a study from the British Journal of Health and Psychology has shown a higher consumption of fruit and vegetables actually leads to an increase in eudaemonic well-being, curiosity, and creativity! This highlights the link between a high fruit and vegetable diet and greater life satisfaction and overall happiness. 

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The simplest way to guarantee healthy and nutrient rich food around you and your colleagues in the workplace to aid your productivity is an ongoing subscription that restocks supplies. It minimizes time spent on creating healthy choices, as everything is delivered right there to your office. There’s a sense of unity too, in communal snacks and cold-pressed juices to keep the whole team ship-shape and happy as Larry.

Blast off!

We’re launching TrueStory Office Health subscription. it keeps your office fridges and pantries stocked with cold-pressed juice, the elixir for productivity, and healthy snacks in combination with Kromkommer and Cropbox. If your office is in need of a performance-boosting overhaul, we’re open to discussing subscription and catering services that we tailor make for you and your office.

"When our team is in good shape, both physically and mentally, our company is poised to reach its performance goals. That's why we work with TrueStory Juicery, to raise awareness about healthy options so that our team can turn to immunity building juices to prevent the onset of a cold, or grab a green juice for breakfast to get in their days' nutrients. Our office loves the juices!” - Director of Human Resources, Buybay  

TrueStory Juicery, making health sustainable and easy.

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