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The epitome of health is sustainable well-being. Being healthy should be implicit with your lifestyle. Habits and choices should reap benefits without really having to think about it or feel like there is a compromise or restriction (to say, one square of chocolate instead of the whole block). For many of us, pressures of everyday modern living – work stress, timeline, family stress, social, financial, relationship stress – mean we let consciousness for our health slip from the foreground. “This is especially so for mom’s”, says Desiree from Daisy’s Yellow Pepper. “Without exception, after pregnancy, fatigue is the most pressing issue” for busy mothers.

Whilst Desiree’s ‘Yellow Pepper You’ 6-week nutrition program is catered especially toward to mothers, the advice she has is pertinent to everyone who has ever felt fatigued from a busy lifestyle, or so utterly exhausted that even crashing onto the sofa is a task, or simply just tired of being tired.

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Gut instinct

The Yellow Pepper You program came about from Desiree’s own experience of seemingly irreversible fatigue after becoming a mother. Fatigue that isn’t remedied by a long night of caught up sleep, but manifests itself as memory lapse, lack of concentration or not feeling like yourself emotionally and physically. “These complaints all stem from underlying digestive issues – a well-functioning gut is your source of energy”, she explains. Brain and gut are intrinsically connected; many of us don’t realize how deeply our emotional wellbeing (or stress) is linked to our gut and digestive health.

 It is all about balance - enzymes, alkalinity, digestive bacteria. “When these are out of balance you may feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.” Postnatal depletion makes much more sense in terms of unbalance within the body. The program specifically targets restoring balance through one-on-one coaching sessions, creating healthy habits, getting better sleep, and guidance on diet including recipes and a 3-day cleanse.

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You can't pour from an empty cup

When time is of the essence and, as a mom, you must be constantly attentive to others needs, finding time to fuel your body with nutrients can be tough. What is highlighted during the 3-day cleanse within the Yellow Pepper You program is how much energy and nourishment can be drawn from the right liquid nutrition. The cleanse combines drinking healthy smoothies, our very own TrueStory cold-pressed juices and fortifying bone broth from Amsterdam’s first and only Bouillon Bar.

For busy people in need of nutrition, bone broth and cold-pressed juices are great solutions. Juice that is cold-pressed contains 4 times the amount of nutrients than a traditional blender, whilst broth is a fantastic source of amino acids, protein, collagen and great for digestive health. Both these liquids are a quick and easy solution to nourish the body and mind.

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It is not what you eat, it is what you digest

“If you take care of your belly and digestion, then a lot of problems automatically disappear – fatigue, skins issues, irritable bowel, bloating, achy joints and brain fog to name a few!” Desiree relates this consciousness toward our gut to Ayurvedic philosophy, the traditional and ancient healing modality that is centered on maintaining balance both physically and emotionally through a special food plan that works with your body, yoga, and meditation.

Food and diet is a fundamental part of the program. Healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Each participant also receives a box of healthy goodies. The aim is to make things simple and attainable. The box includes some of the lesser-known ingredients, which minimizes stress and helps with the preparation of creating healthy habits.

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Roll up! Get your R&R

Sleep is paramount for recuperating the body and energy levels, but it is the quality of sleep that is the most important factor in determining how well the body can rest and replenish. The program hones in on ways to get better sleep, not just longer hours (which is near impossible with a baby around)

And, once you've woken up from better sleep, breakfast is the first thing to kick start your day! “I often hear moms tell me there is no time or appetite”. Rather than timing, it should be about the type of nutriment. There are many quick hassle free and healthy options to begin your day a nourished way, so your mornings are easeful and not “driven by being hangry or rushed”.


Long live health

The approach to sustainable health is in becoming aware of being depleted, as well as arming yourself with the knowledge and tools so that you can remedy your fatigue. This awareness then helps prevent depletion altogether, so that you are well-equipped to deal with the busy stresses of life. Whether you’re a mother, a busy urban creative or an overworked businessperson.

So breathe deep, take in these golden rules to make your healthy choices better fit your lifestyle and drink up. There is power in liquid nutrition.


If you would like more information regarding the Yellow Pepper You nutrition plan, Desiree is offering a 20-minute free discovery phone call to see if the program is right for you. 


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