TrueStory: Behind the Scenes


EXTRA! EXTRA! TrueStory Juicery is transforming, and will be offering our delicious cold-pressed juice deliveries and bar through June 30.  We take our mission to empower and build sustainably healthy lifestyles seriously, and are continually reinventing ourselves to better serve up on that order.


Spring Babies

As some of you may know, Teun and are expecting a baby!  There's no better time to put a stake in the ground and rebirth, reinvent, on all levels.

What to know a secret?  I love cold-pressed juices so much that I inadvertently got pregnant after a 5-day cleanse.  Coincidence?  Perhaps, but I do think it was our healthy lifestyle that made this all happen.  During my pregnancy, however, my body didn't want the juices.  It was Autumn, I wanted warm soup, and for the first time since I've been drinking juices in the last 10 years my body didn't feel like juice!  Red alert!  Red alert!  Massive confusion!

Birth of a Butterfly

Well, every caterpillar needs a cocoon to transform into a butterfly, and in the cocoon of winter I began to realize that TrueStory can be more effective if we expand our thinking and our offering beyond cold-pressed juices so our customers could plug into a whole ecosystem of health.  So we went to work, reevaluating every piece of our business, talking to partners in the sector, food-lovers, vegans, exercise buffs... and decided to reinvent ourselves so we can better serve our community and be true to our mission.

The last year and a half has been extremely rewarding and an absolutely wild ride.  We have been extraordinarily blessed with an abundance of generous, supportive, and fiery group of customers, family, and friends.  It's been our customer's loyal conviction of the quality of our products, and the changes in how they feel, that have kept us going and delivering on our word.  So, for now, thank you for your continued support and I look forward to sharing with you TrueStory's next steps.

Until then, be true, kick a little ass, and stay tuned for the continuation of our story!

Jessica Lau, Founder


Special Thanks

To our partners: Janneke Bastiens for managing our press, Charon and Elizabeth at the Conscious Club, Noes and Querinne at Absolute Yoga, Calvin Choi at Market 33, the beautiful Dominique Mursay at Cropbox, and Victoria at Shanti Foods.

To our team: Annebel Moolhuijsen, Helena Olsen, Kim Breuls, Cecilia Russolo, and Daniella Down for all your hard work and dedication - you’re the best teammates one could ask for.

To our friends and family: Thijs Bosgoed at Buybay, our first office client so many months ago for believing in us, Mechiel Versluis, Ramon Vogelzang, & Bas Collette for your support in trying or first juices, my family for your unwavering belief and support, and of course Teun my knight in shining armor and partner in crime, from flying across the U.S. to pack and ship our machine back to Amsterdam to repacking 5,000 bottles in the storage area to saving the day when our new double refrigerator failed to fit through the kitchen door and was left on the street.. you have made this all possible for me, and I am forever grateful.  

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