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The cozy festiveness has us all indulging over the Olympics of feasting in December, but hey it’s fun and totally worth it! Yet, it’s the perfect time for a little retrospection to get our bodies back on track as January rolls round.

The gift to give your self this year is good health and a juice cleanse is a great way restore balance in the body. But it can be tough to choose what type of cleanse, how long to cleanse for, or figure out how to fit cleansing in your busy schedule. Truth is, everyone one of us is different and our bodies and lifestyles hugely influence, which cleanse is right. Don’t panic, we’ve got the lowdown on which cleanse and why to detox.

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Why cleanse in the first place?

Clean eating a step further

When the body doesn’t have to digest food it can freely remove toxins, revitalizing you from the inside out. A juice cleanse encourages the body to restore a healthy balance, both gut health balance and a mood enhancer for the mind. It can help reduce cell damage and ease blood flow, whilst you become more in tune with your body.

Reset, revitalize

Raw cold-pressed juices are also incredible high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that boost overall efficiency and functioning and can do wonders for resetting our body for a continued healthy lifestyle with less toxins and healthier eating habits, as it reduces the desire for comfort or boredom food.

Nutrify to efficiency

There is a science towards cleansing though, as it's ‘fasting’ period. We highly recommend following a cleanse plan through nutritionist certified juices that work with your body to revitalized it, not depriving it of what it needs. Choose juices with team working ingredients to help your body get the most goodness, just like the way orange helps you absorb the iron in spinach and black pepper activates turmeric absorption.

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Groovy, which level is for me?

The secret is to listen to your body and what it needs, be kind to yourself and choose the level that fits your body and lifestyle.

Level 1: Sweet Surrender

Is perfect for first time cleansers or athletes with a vigorous exercise regime, as the nutrient filled juices fuel your body, ensuring you have enough energy for the day. This cleanse has the largest taste variety with green juices, energizing fruit juices and cashew milk.

Level 2: Get Your Greens

Perfect for intermediate cleansers, or those who already maintain a healthy lifestyle, it resets and recalibrates with more vegetable based green juices, as well as a flavorful beet juice and cashew milk.

Level 3: Dr. Green & Popeye’s Special

Recommended for experienced cleansers for the most intense, deepest detox. It has the least amount of calories consisting mostly of green juices so it gives the biggest nutritional results to restore balance.


Sweet! What about length?

It can be tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially with busy jobs and social calendars, but every little helps; a one day cleanse can do big things for our body.

1-Day Fast Track

Jumpstart your way into detoxing your body with a 1-day cleanse. It’s a good way to discover your commitment level. Once you’ve accomplished a one day cleanse, it’s an easy step to a longer, deeper cleanse.

3-Day Game Changer

First timers or experienced cleansers alike benefit from receiving a complete detox, energy renewal, resetting healthier lifestyle habits and restoring that inner glow.

5-Day Game, Set, Match!

The longer the cleanse the bigger the transformation and a more complete removal of toxins. You’ll feel renewed, revitalized and ready for a sustained healthy lifestyle with your body craving healthier choices.

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 Cleanse with a Friend

Whilst cleanses jumpstart your journey to redefining balance in the body, it is a big challenge, which is where TrueStory comes to the rescue by providing a holistic care plan and a friendly helping hand before, during and after your cleanse. Phew!

It’s more fun to cleanse with a friend; who doesn’t love a support buddy? In January, to celebrate the New Year New You, we are hosting a Revolution-ary Cleanse Weekend! Get 10 Euro off any cleanses via our online store or if you attend our group cleanse weekend on the 6th January 2017.


* Use the coupon code "newyearnewyou" at checkout. 


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