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Powerhouse wellness and lifestyle magazine Women’s Health celebrated the 2nd edition of their nationwide Fit List last week and Truestory was proud to be in the thick of it with our cold-pressed juices. It was a glitzy-yet-fitness-focused sneaker gala at De School’s beautifully vintage Gym Lokaal. The prestigious fit-list comprises of the forty most influential ‘fitfluencers’, who strive to make the Netherlands fitter and healthier. Founder of ‘My Killer Body Motivation’, Fajah Lourens, was crowned the winner having beaten admirable competitors like the ladies from The Green Happiness and food blogger Rens Kroes, who were in the top ten.

“My mission is to help women become more confident. When they are unhappy about something, I help them to help themselves”, said Louren’s upon receiving the award. She’s gathered a huge following after the success of her self built ‘health empire’, spanning diet and exercise plans, books, recipes, blogs that fortify her fitness conscious community, ‘Killer body’ workouts, music that she produces (latest track aptly named ‘Squat’) AND coming soon, a new line of paraben and preservative free cosmetics. Phew!

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Fitness knows no gender

Whilst beginning as a fitness movement for women, her training regime has become popular amongst men as well. Her philosophy is adapted from Dr. William H Sheldon, a professor of psychology and medicine, whose legacy comes from identifying body types like the endomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. The key to health, they both agree, is to know yourself, know your body’s predisposition and understand how best to treat it. What foods and types of exercise work best for you? This idea of identifying your body type and harmonizing with it transcends gender. It seems that men and women alike seeking to better their bodies, their minds and their health can benefit from her ‘Killer Body Motivation’.


Pop up Juicebar

Truestory Juicery was proud to be apart of the event to help raise awareness and enthusiasm for sustainable health. We offered the guests a selection of our cold-pressed juices, served befittingly in martini glasses for a fun touch of elegance from our juice bar. We felt blessed to have such meaningful conversations about our juices, the nutrient packed method of cold pressing and why so many of us share the desire to nourish our bodies with good, clean products in order to feel grounded and happier.

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Grounded in Glitter

The sneaker gala itself was held in a restored secondary school gymnasium room filled with gym equipment from a bygone era, a plethora of green plants from ‘The Balcony’ and (lots of) glitter. The dress code was formal wear worn with trainers; everyone went all out! The rest of the former school has been transformed into creative office spaces, open workshops spaces, an incredible veggie-centered restaurant and popular nightclub De School.

The communal sense of recycling, restoring and rewriting could be felt at the event… literally! Many of the fitness influencers have books coming out to help guide us on the path for a happier and healthier Holland and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be apart of some of these book launches, providing everyone with some yummy cold-pressed juices along the way!


Share a juice with us at:

Lisa Goes Vegan Book launch: 24th November, The Conscious Club

The Green Happiness Book launch 29th November, Pulitzer Hotel


Photos accredited to Eduard Nijgh & Simone Frank


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