Whether it's a one-time event or a regular delivery of juices, we offer a variety of options of high-performing offices.

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    In Dutch Cities

    33% of people don't eat breakfast every day.

    20% of people work through and skip lunch.

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    Consumers tend to

    Prefer food that is easy to eat, fast and cheap.

    85% of adults eat too much salt and feel unpleasant after lunch.

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    In The Netherlands

    75% of adults don't eat enough vegetables.

    Most don't know what the recommended 250gram looks like.

Benefits of Truestory

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    Increased focus and energy

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    Healthier happier employees

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    Improved office culture

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    Fewer sick days

How it works

Regular deliveries

  • Free consultation customized to your office
  • Calendar to view / edit order concierge coordinates
  • With vendor / offerings
  • Scheduled delivery to office
  • Track teams preferences


We'll partner with you to deliver one-time events:

  • Team breakfast
  • Staff events
  • Office and cocktails
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