What is a cleanse?

TrueStory juices cleanses are 1, 3, and 5 day nutritional detoxes. By consuming purely juices, vitamins and minerals are packed into your system and efficiently absorbed. This gives your digestive system a break, releases harmful toxins, and replenishes your body and mind.

Why cleanse?

Increased energy levels
Improved sleep quality
Clearer skin
Strengthened immune system
Increased mental clarity
Reset less healthy eating habits
Start a healthier lifestyle

      What does a cleanse contain?

      Cleanses contain six 500ml juices a day:
      4 juices with over 700g of fresh vegetables and fruit in each juice
      1 master cleanse juice to accelerate detoxing
      1 nut milk to provide healthy fat and protein
        While on the cleanse, it is advised to cut out other food and drinks, except for water. Upon ordering, you will receive instructions on how to maximize your experience with appropriate preparations, do’s and don’ts, and post-cleanse maintenance. Cleansers have full access to our Concierge.

        Cleanse FAQ

        How often should I cleanse?
        Cleansing is not a one-time thing. Its benefits are maximized over time and best integrated into a long-term maintenance plan. It is a way of thinking about your body and mind. Cleanses can be used to reset your body whenever you feel out of balance. This includes feeling malnourished and lethargic from sub-optimal eating arrangements, excessive drinking or smoking, or sedentary lifestyles. This requires you to be conscious about how your body is performing and feeling – you are the best judge of when a cleanse can help jumpstart your body back into shape.
         We know that busy lifestyles often inhibit our ability to be healthy all the time. Contact our concierge so that we can support you in structuring a long-term plan.
        Will I lose weight?
        While many people do lose weight, this is not the intention of a cleanse. A cleanse is not a fast, which is based on self-denial. Replacing regular foods with healthy juices often results in reduced weight since nutrition in liquid form is more efficiently absorbed. The cleanse’s primary goal is to nourish and detox towards a healthier body.
        Who shouldn’t go on a cleanse?
        Cleanses are not for people who are on blood thinners because the green juices have a lot of Vitamin K. Additionally, pregnant moms need more calories than the cleanses provide.