• 01 Heart Beet
  • 01 Sweet Surrender
  • 02 Get Your Greens
  • 02 Mom's Recipe
  • 03 Paleo Heaven


It's all about mental health. Increase your productivity by calming your mind and replenishing your brain with stimulating nutrients and oxygen.  Whether at home or at work, these juices are bound to support your efficiency levels. 3 beet-based juices, rounded out with complementary roots and vegetables, calm the mind. Paleo Heaven and 2 greens provide soothing and harmonious blends of the good stuff.

Great for: people looking to do their best thinking and/or some peace of mind


2 x Heart Beet

1 x Mom's Recipe

1 x Paleo Heaven

1 x Sweer Surrender

1 x Get Your Greens


€40.00 EUR
Kay Hide - Testimonial

Delivery right to our door! Thanks again, TrueStory Juices, for keeping our fridge full with the good stuff.

— Kai Hyde
Kay Hide - Testimonial

Our team has fewer sick days and there is a noticeable energy boost in the afternoon. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, TrueStory!

— Cilia Rodriguez