• 01 Heart Beet
  • 01 Sweet Surrender
  • 02 Get Your Greens
  • 03 Doctor Green
  • 03 Naked


Flood your body with healthy vitamins and minerals. 'With over 700g of organic produce in each vegetable-based juice, meeting your daily recommended serving of veggies and fruits is easy. An assortment of 4 green juices provides chlorophyll and live nutrients that are quickly and efficiently absorbed into your system. Our Heart Beet boosts heart and mental health, while Naked helps to eliminate toxins in your body. This pack covers your nutritional needs from all angles.

Great for: people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and/or looking to reset/rebalance after traveling or working long hours


1 x Sweet Surrender

2 x Get Your Greens

1 x Doctor Green

1 x Heart Beet

1 x Naked

€42.00 EUR
Kay Hide - Testimonial

Delivery right to our door! Thanks again, TrueStory Juices, for keeping our fridge full with the good stuff.

— Kai Hyde
Kay Hide - Testimonial

Our team has fewer sick days and there is a noticeable energy boost in the afternoon. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, TrueStory!

— Cilia Rodriguez